Provably Fair

What is provably fair?

A provably fair system gives you the guarantee that the outcome of each game cannot be tempered with between the start and the end, therefore, no matter what bets are placed, the outcome will remain the same.

How does it works?

At the start of each game, the system will roll a winning number, or a card for the high-low game, that roll will then be turned into what is called a 'hash'. The hash is made of the roll and a random string of characters that are both encrypted using the SHA-256 algorithm. At the end of the game, all the data are made available for everyone to see: the roll, the salt and the game ID to be able to get more details.

What this means is that you will be able to check by yourself that the hash was indeed a combination of the roll and the salt, and that nothing changed during the game.

How to check that a round was valid?

As mentionned before, all you need is the roll and the secret string that was used to make the hash. Then all you will have to do is combine the two and run it through a SHA-256 encoder. This can be done either through any encoder, or by using the form below.